5 points to prove ScoopWhoop “writers” are dumb

1 – They use your photograph and credit someone else

Notice how there is a cute watermark by the photographer and how they quote another website that robs photos.

2 – They credit YouTube’s Image Server

I guess those fools don’t know about image hosting servers and content deliver networks.

3 – The will leave broken links in the credit.

The links aren’t just broken, they link to image servers, and not actual sources. Duh.


4 – No comment.


5 – We lied. Only 4 reasons for your guys, as we have work to do now.

Featured Image: Source.

  • https://looneydarinda.wordpress.com/ Pushkar Bendre

    Half researched articles, racist stereotyping, picking up bullshit from other websites and stupid listicles is what defines ScoopWhoop for me. With this they have sunk to a new low.


    • admin

      OMG! Our first comment!!! This is gonna change our life forever!
      PS: Thanks for sharing your views. We feel for you. Internet hug.

      • https://looneydarinda.wordpress.com/ Pushkar Bendre

        I usually don’t hate websites. I mean poor websites what harm can they do, but Scoop Whoop are just fooling people…

        5 things every Grandmother fantasizes about
        10 things only people who make out with dogs can understand
        7 things only kids whose parents earn between Rs. 25300 p.m. and 25700 p.m. can understand
        25 things people born on 22nd July can relate to
        5 things people whose wife was married to a black guy can understand

        WTF is this.

        Add to this the irritating gifs.

        Still fine, but if you want to make money of click baits, at least be ethical while doing it. There are similar listicle sites that apologize for not being able to post the pics because of copyright issues and that is how it should be.

  • mohit

    Lol its not just SchoopWhoop, the bigger guy is Logical Indian they are playing with emotions of naive Indians. Read this one